Colorful, Beautiful, Unique Stamps – A Turks and Caicos Tradition

Turks and Caicos Historical Stamps

For 156 years, the islands of Turks and Caicos have been issuing highly decorative and colorful stamps that illustrate a complex range of historical topics and events. The Turks and Caicos Islands are now renowned the world over for the quality and designs of their stamps.  A few of the historical stamps are valued at over one hundred dollars.  Start your exploration of this fascinating history by viewing a timeline depicting Turks and Caicos stamps starting in 1900 with a One Penny stamp and ending in 1977 with the famous Christmas stamp of the “Flight into Egypt” by Peter Paul Rubens.  Next on your T&C stamp tour visit the Turks and Caicos Museum website and study the details of this rich history.  When you are ready you may want to visit the T&C Museum in Providenciales and view their collection of over 1,000 stamps.