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B2042 Bedroom1,098$649,990 USD
B3042 Bedroom1,098$699,990 USD

Value and Government Stability

The Turks & Caicos Islands draw almost half a million visitors each year. The stable, long-standing government, ease of property ownership by foreigners, low crime rate, and tax-friendly environment make property ownership on the islands desirable to many.

Despite the weaknesses in the US economy, property values in the Turks & Caicos have remained steady due to the islands being favoured as a home base for many celebrities and other well-heeled investors.

Purchasing Property in Turks & Caicos

Property purchase requirements are quite straightforward in the Turks & Caicos. There are no property taxes, no income taxes on revenues generated by property ownership and no capital gains taxes on property transfer.

In addition to the purchase price, further closing costs include a government stamp duty of 8% to 10% based on purchase price, along with attorney fees for conveyancing documentation (1%).  

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