Frenchman’s Creek And Pigeon Pond Nature Reserve

West Harbour Bluff
West Harbour Bluff (Split Rock / Pirate’s Cove)

One of Providenciales’ most diverse natural habitats is the Frenchman’s Creek and Pigeon Pond Nature Reserve on the southwestern part of the island. Encompassing nearly 8 square miles, it’s the most significant piece of protected land on Providenciales. This unique sanctuary encompasses red, black, and white mangrove wetlands, coral reefs, ocean cliffs, salt flats, freshwater ponds, and limestone caves. Here are several main attractions inside of the reserve.

Pigeon Pond

Pigeon Pond is a shallow, landlocked salt pond located on the northeastern part of the reserve. This pond makes for a fabulous bird-watching location and is one of the few places on the island where visitors may spot Caribbean Flamingos.

West Harbour Bluff

West Harbour Bluff, also called Split Rock or Pirate’s Cove, is located on the southwestern tip of the reserve. West Harbour bluff consists of beautiful limestone sea cliffs, historical rock inscriptions, a cave, and a remote one-mile beach. The cave at West Harbour Bluff makes for a fun-filled day of exploration. Ancient Lucayan artifacts were found here by anthropologist Theodore de Booy in 1912. The historic rock carvings found on the bluff commemorate St. Louis, a ship burnt at sea in 1842.

Map to West Harbour Bluff

Bonefish Point

Bonefish Point is a remote scenic peninsula located on the southwestern tip of West Harbour. Many tourists don’t frequent this beautiful secluded beach; chances are you’ll have it to yourself. Bonefish Point is located about a .75 mile walk down the beach from West Harbour Bluff.

How To Get To The Reserve

Talk to one of our front desk representatives about getting to Frenchman’s Creek And Pigeon Point Nature Reserve. They will be able to recommend a car service, kayak tour, or boat excursion to this incredible nature reserve.