Excursions in the Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands offer a wide range of excursions and sightseeing. Kayak Chalk Sound, snorkel at the Coral Gardens, ride horses along the beach, spend the day exploring beaches and neighboring islands.

  • Honoring the Unique Landscape of Providenciales, Provo Golf Club Challenges Golfers of all Abilities Every golfer dreams of getting a birdie. But a large pink one!? The Provo Golf Club on Providenciales not only features links created by a master course designer, but also plays hosts to a number of flamingos. The sight of large tropical birds wandering around the greens might call to mind windmills, pirate ships and castles of the miniature golf variety. But this is no toy golf course. It was de

  • The Elusive Bonefish is a Challenge for Even Experienced Anglers What is bonefishing, or bonefish for that matter? Bonefish are medium sized game fish found in shallow tropical waters. These fish are known for their elusiveness and fight, and bonefishing is an increasingly popular challenge to sportsfisherman of all abilities. And these anglers would go so far as to say bonefishing, contrary to the sound of the word, is anything but boring and dull. Darin Bain, owner and operator of a DB Tours B

  • Conch Culture: A Fascinating and Sustainable Food...and much more Curious about this creature called the Conch? Why not spend the day enjoying all things conch (pronounced "konk") in the Caicos Islands? Morning Excursion A morning visit to the Caicos Conch Farm is the perfect introduction to this creature which is such a symbol of Turks and Caicos culture that it has been shown on its stamps. Located at Heaving Down Rock, at the end of the Leeward Highway, Providenciales, the Caicos Conch Farm i

  • How will you spend your vacation in the Turks & Caicos Islands? From snorkeling in clear waters teeming with vibrant marine life, jet skiing along the picturesque shoreline, walking along a stretch of Grace Bay Beach, or swimming with the playful dolphins who venture close to shore, there are numerous activities to enjoy while on holiday in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Check out the Special Offers from Villa del Mar for your next Caribbean vacation.

  • Glow Worms Steal the Show During Monthly Mating Ritual off Providenciales It's a warm Caribbean evening and the cruise vessel you're in is smoothly skimming the water. You notice the water is beginning to take on an emerald green glow and wonder about that rum punch you've been sipping aboard the boat. But this is no alcoholic effect: it is Mother Nature in her glory. Monthly Mating Ritual For several nights after the full moon, the waters off Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands are h

  • Magnificent Humpback Whales in Providenciales Give Visitors a Chance to get Close and Personal The baby is coming! The mother enters the maternity ward and soon she is the proud parent of her own little bundle of joy. Her 4400 pound (or almost 2000 kg.) little bundle of joy! No, it isn't time to call the people at the Guinness World Records. You see, the mother in this case is a Humpback whale, and the maternity ward is the waters of Big Sand Cay, also referred to as Great Sand Cay near the Turk

  • Beachcombing is a great way to enjoy the marine diversity and beauty around Providenciales "He sells seashells by the seashore." "The shells that Stanford sells are art shells I'm sure." Born on Providenciales, Stanford Handfield grew up surrounded by the startling beautiful waters of the Caribbean which is home to the conch and other remarkable marine shellfish. Stanford turns these natural resources into exquisite works of art. He cleans, polishes and transforms conch shells into night lights,

  • Explore the Islands with Sail Beluga Sailing Charters She was designed by a master. She was built to race. And for 28 years now she has been carrying passengers all around the Turks and Caicos Islands. She is "Beluga", a 37 foot catamaran, built by her captain Tim Ainley. Tim operates "Sail Beluga", a private chartered sailing business out of Providenciales. Like her namesake, Beluga is all white and built for the water. She was designed by James Wharram, an award winning multi-hull boat maker w

  • Explore Caribbean marine life through SNUBA For many people, the idea of being underwater is terrifying. Even the opportunity to see unusual marine life up close is not enough to push past that fear. And the idea of being fully immersed in this marine world with scuba gear is just beyond the training and comfort level of many of us. But Canadian born diver Jodi Taylor who runs SNUBA Turks and Caicos has completely dispelled that fear and removed those barriers. SNUBA, which began in 1988, is a u

  • Sapodilla Bay: History of the Islands Inscribed In Limestone I was here. They were here. And they left their signatures behind on the rocks. Carved into the limestone rocks at Sapodilla Bay, on the eastern side of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Island, are inscriptions and pictures. But this is no modern spray painted graffiti my friend; these are hand chiseled signatures that date back to the 1700's. Taken together the names read like a directory for the early pioneers of the Turks and

  • Chalk Sound: Pristine and Fragile Ecosystem on Providenciales The color of the water will leave you speechless. You ask people to describe the beauty and they struggle for words. But when they do find the words, the questions often asked are: "Why is the color so blue?" or "Why is Chalk Sound so exquisite?" However, the better question is, "How can we make sure that future generations will still be able to enjoy this national treasure?" National Park status protects this lagoon from the oily emi

  • Provo Ponies: Horse Care and Rehabilitation Project One act of kindness can change the world. In the case of Provo Ponies, a horseback riding stable located at Long Bay Hills on Providenciales, compassion is the very corner stone of the business. The story began in 2002 with seven horses from the Dominican Republic who were destined to be part of riding stable but whose owner had greatly underestimated the challenges of feeding, caring and training them in the Turks and Caicos environment. Lack

  • Cheshire Hall Plantation: The Spirit of Resilience and Survival How does it come about that a place of slavery can be regarded in a constructive and practical manner? How do the people of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands find the positives at a local site where people were enslaved? The site is Cheshire Hall, a 200-year old cotton plantation, located off Leeward Highway in Providenciales. Built by American Loyalist Thomas Stubbs in the late 1700's, Cheshire Hall comprises a large m

  • Visitors Experience A Unique Walk Through "Iguana Island" The word iguana prompts images that range from Gordon Gecko to Godzilla. But the chance to see a real iguana in its own habitat is rare to those who come from more northern climates. The Turks and Caicos comprise a multitude of "cays", small low elevation islands made mostly of sand or coral. Each has its own unique features, but one in particular is noted for its unique creatures. Popularly known as "Iguana Island", Little Water Cay is l

  • World's Only Conch Farm Treasures This Important Mollusk For most people, the word conch evokes either an image of a large white shell on a Caribbean beach or a deep hollow sound trumpeting the air. In the Turks and Caicos Islands conch is the national symbol and the heart of the economy. It represents a food source, a livelihood and a heritage. But the conch (pronounced "conk"), specifically the queen conch, produces a strikingly beautiful shell and its meat is sought after as a delicacy and fo

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