Villa del Mar’s Hospitality Is “The Cat’s Meow”

A Delightful Turks & Caicos Holiday Destination For Families

Sometimes the smallest gesture of kindness can lead to unexpected happiness. Sometimes just reaching out can change life forever. Such is the story of resident cat Mama who lives at the Villa Del Mar Resort on Providenciales, one of the many islands which form the Turks and Caicos, located between the Bahamas and Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

This story begins during Christmas week of 2012. Alan Lawley, Director of Development and Operations at Villa Del Mar and his wife Pam spied a small, very shy cat on the property. For weeks the cat kept its distance. While it had no inclination to get close to people, it was clear that it was drawn like many guests to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the resort. Alan and Pam drew on their years of making guests feel welcome and extended this service to the furry newcomer. They set out cat food regularly with a few extra treats on Christmas Day. Catching a better view one day, they noticed the cat was pregnant. Over time, trust was gained and a friendship grew between Mama and the Lawleys.

A much thinner Mama showed up one day. Obviously, she’d given birth. But where was her family and how were they doing? Now, at birth, kittens are virtually helpless. They rely completely on mom to see, eat and function. But nestled in a protected pile of coconut branches behind the resort, surrounded by lush plants and warm Caicos weather, these two kittens were safe and comfortable.

Shortly thereafter Mama visited once again. But this time there were two adorable stripe-tailed children in tow. With eyes the tropical green of the vegetation around them and fur as soft as the sand of neighboring beaches, the two new kittens on the block were an instant hit. Tigger and Girlfriend as they came to be called, now with their Mama, are one happy family who bring much joy to Alan and Pam and resort guests alike.

They are one more reason to stay at the Villa Del Mar, the perfect place for all kinds of families in the Turks and Caicos!