The Flavorful History of the Turks & Caicos Islands

Manager’s Reception at Villa del Mar Pours a Tasty History Lesson

Tendra Musgrove, General Manager, and Alan Lawley, Director of Development and Operations at Villa del Mar work hard to create a home-away-from-home experience for visitors to their family-friendly resort in Providenciales. And it would seem that they have been successful as guests so often remark that the resort staff is friendly, helpful and warm. As one couple commented, “It’s a little family. Everyone that has worked there since we went the first time remembered us.”

Attention is given to every detail to make guests feel right at home. And what better way than to welcome them with food, drink and local music? So it is that every Friday night between 5 and 6 pm the Manager’s Cocktail Reception is held – an intimate yet casual gathering of guests who are invited to join the reception straight from their day on one of the many beaches on Providenciales to relax and mingle over some appetizers, or simply paddle in the pool and take in the hum of activity of the gathering.

But it’s the taste of the islands and their place in the history books that makes the reception so unique. Tendra and Alan offer guests local beverages which have a direct connection to the flavor and history of the Caicos islands. Along with Turks’ Head Beer, which is brewed locally on Providenciales, a flavorful fruit punch is served using Bambarra rum. This rum is unique to the Turks and Caicos Islands. It takes its name from the African homeland of slaves who were taken from Bambarra to be sold to sugar plantations in Cuba. Through a twist of fate, the slaves were shipwrecked on the shores of the British colony of East Caicos. To their surprise and joy, this was a place where slavery was abolished. Here, they found freedom and new life. Bambarra rum celebrates these island pioneers and flavors a guest’s stay with a rich bouquet of history.

As calypso sounds of the Caicos islands circle the fragrant air and carry out over the cerulean waters and powdery white sands of Grace Bay beach, guests at Villa Del Mar will store up delightful memories of their Turks and Caicos holiday to take back home with them.