Looking for a Perfect Memento of Your Vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands?

Anna’s Art Gallery & Studio in Provo May Have Just What you Seek

A souvenir can cost a little.

A souvenir can cost a lot.

A souvenir that can completely transport you back to a moment and a specific feeling is a very special souvenir indeed.

Anna Bourne who owns Anna’s Art Gallery & Studio on Providenciales is keen to provide visitors with that kind of souvenir. She invites them “to take home an authentic piece of the Turks and Caicos” from her gallery.

Art, for Anna, is very personal. It can completely draw a person in and evoke a particular emotion.

“When I travel I always buy a little original by a local artist, and every time I look at those paintings, they never fail to bring me back to that moment or place.”

Anna Bourne opened her gallery in the Saltmills Plaza in Grace Bay four years ago. Anna is a leading silk painting artist but her skills don’t end there. She has also branched out into other art mediums such as oil, conte crayon, watercolour, acrylic, glass as well as jewellery. Anna takes her inspiration from the colors and energy of the island life all around her. Her paintings feature the plants and marine life native to the Turks and Caicos. The very names of the works echo her subject material: ‘bright seahorse and purple coral’, ‘yellow turtle coming out’, ‘coral fish garden’ and ‘a day’s catch’.

Those who step into Anna’s Art Gallery will immediately get a feel for the islands. Hanging on walls, displayed on tables, or nestled on shelves are all kinds of locally crafted items. It is clear that Anna’s interest in showcasing all things local is picking up steam. She opened the gallery with less than 10 silk paintings. Since then she has brought in over a dozen local artists into her fold. One such artist is Danielange or “Dani” Dorilus. Born in Haiti, Dani is one of the youngest artists. Like Anna, Dani is passionate about art and its impact on others. “My goal is to work hard and associate myself with other designers on the island and help build awareness of the importance of Art,” she states on her facebook page

And while each artist uses a different medium, the works they create all share a common theme: the beauty and vibrancy of the Turks and Caicos Islands. As one visitor commented on TripAdvisor, “Everything is very thoughtfully & interestingly displayed. It feels like a treasure hunt as you browse the store.” The store is brimming with artistic creations to satisfy a range of interests. Visitors can purchase bangles and baubles made from local gems or prints, photos and paintings of local scenes or ceramics depicting local fauna and flora. There are even items made out of Caicos conch.

Visitors are enjoying the chance to buy unique souvenirs. One woman, who purchased some jewellery items, shared, “I will treasure them as they will always remind me of our time in TCI.”

Anna’s Art Gallery is a special place where you can enter into the world of the Caicos Islands and hopefully find a little piece to take home.

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